Joe’s Pizza santa monica 
2011  &  2012  
peoples  choice  award
Now Open
135 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica
310 394 9494

Recognized By Zagat, Los Angeles Times & LA Weekly 
“ Best Pizza Delivery”-Yelp

 Joe’s Pizza in downtown Santa Monica, Looking as if it has been holding down the location since Taxi Driver was in first run. A half a dozen sliced pizzas are on display, the breadth of truck tires but almost microscopically thin, and the movement from the oven is a smooth one, a balletic display of grace. Their pizza ballasted with sweetish tomato sauce and annealed with a micro thin cincture of cheese, is as authentically New York City as the smell of the West Fourth subway station in mid-August.- LA Weekly Pulitzer-winning food critic Jonathan Gold

There’s pizza, and there’s New York- style pizza, and then there’s Real New York- style pizza. Enter Joe’s Pizza on Broadway in Santa Monica. Locals and homesick ex-pats agree they make a to-die for thin crust pizza that’s probably the most authentic New York pizza in all of Los Angeles. Their crust is a thing of beauty; thin yet crisp and sturdy. This dough wont wilt under an onslaught of toppings.     -  Los Angeles Times

“One Of The Best Pizzas in Los Angeles” NYC Pizza fans have a place in to call home. Joe’s Pizza in Santa Monica remains “true to their Gotham roots” with “thin-crust” pies and slices with a 
taste, texture and smell that’s Legit, Open Late.”    -  Zagat

This is what pizza should taste like, a structural miracle, a true taste sensation that is guaranteed to become habit forming. What sets this pizza apart is experience, quality ingredients and unmatchable freshness. These thin crust pizzas are made just the way you want them, when you want them. Pick them up or have them delivered: Open Late...   -  The Travel Channel

Joe’s Pizza Santa Monica is legendary, where everyone and their mom comes in and heads straight back out again gripping a slice. Even the beauties love a cheesy mess now and again. 
The closest thing to a New York pizzeria in Los Angeles, years ago it was rumored that they shipped the water in from NYC.
                                                               - Alex Eusebio  Top ChefJOESPIZZA.COM_files/back%20of%20flyer.pages